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...where dogs and people find new friends!

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Have questions about the dog park, want to volunteer, or would like to suggest something for our website? We'd love to hear from you! Our email addresses are presented below.

One of the sad realities of posting email addresses on a website is that those addresses become targets for every imaginable email scam. To reduce the number of junk email messages we receive, we present our contact addresses as a graphic image. You can't copy and paste the addresses from this image and for that we regret the inconvenience; however, this means the automated spambots can't easily read our addresses either. We've had some problems with a large number of unsolicited mail messages, so please forgive our steps to curb the number of messages we receive.

Our Addresses:



While we previously provided a single web-based contact form, we've added some additional email addresses to make contacting our department heads easier. We had a few complaints about the contact form we used because it was not easy to use if one wanted to enter a long message. Now you can use the email client with which you are most comfortable to send messages to our Friends of Millbrook Dog Park volunteers.

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Friends of Millbrook Dog Park Store

Support Friends of Millbrook Dog Park by purchasing items from our on-line store! All profits are used to fund dog park operations. Click the image to enter the store.

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From time to time, we send information via e-mail to those who have joined one or more of our mailing lists. We currently have two lists: News and Events and Volunteers. Click here if you would like to subscribe.

Would You Like to Contribute?

The most difficult part of maintaining our website is continually finding new material to present to our dog park population. We need dog pictures for the Mug Shots section, news, and information on upcoming events in our area. We welcome all submissions; however, we cannot guarantee that we'll post everything we receive. If you are sending in your dog's picture, be sure to include the dog's name, date of birth or date of adoption, and age when the picture was taken. Send your submissions to:

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